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6 Ways To Keep Guests Cool At An Outdoor Wedding

This recent heat wave has us thinking of ways to stay cool. While outdoor summer weddings are fun, they can also be hot 🔥 Here are a few tips to help keep you and your guests cool and able to fully enjoy the day!

1. Create a personalized fan to hand out to guests at the ceremony. This can also double as a wedding favor!

2. Set up a refreshment table at the ceremony. You can offer something fun like strawberry lemonade or simple like mint water.

3. Get a tent! Even if you think it's not going to rain, a tent is a great way to give your guests some shade to beat the heat.

4. Serve a signature frozen drink at cocktail hour! Who says piña coladas are just for tropical vacations?

5. Offer popsicles as a fun treat during cocktail hour or as a late night snack. Bonus points if you choose to combine it with a cocktail.

6. Hand out chilled towels to guests as they leave the dance floor. The perfect way to refresh and recharge.

Which is your favorite way to stay cool?

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